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Bite Correction

Wildwood Dental Clinic in Saskatoon offers bite correction treatment for those with a misaligned bite.

Types of bite misalignment


Some patients have an overbite, which is when the top teeth extend past the bottom teeth when the mouth is closed. This is one of most common bite conditions amongst adults, posing the risk of tooth decay caused by the grinding of misaligned teeth.


An underbite occurs when the lower teeth push out and extend past the top teeth. This causes the lower lip to protrude in addition to other issues including susceptibility to teeth damage and speech impediments.

Other bite misalignment issues include crossbites, openbites, overcrowding of teeth, rotated teeth, and more. Crossbites are essentially a mix of the overbite and underbite. Openbites occur when the front upper and lower teeth do not make contact with one another when the mouth is closed. Every bite case is unique and is met with its own level of severity, discomfort, pain, cosmetic and/or health-related issues.

Bite correction treatment at Wildwood Dental Clinic in Saskatoon

Teeth that are aligned properly have a reduced risk of decay, gum disease and other issues because they’re simply easier to clean. Once your bite is corrected at our dental office, you should experience less strain on teeth and jaw muscles, and reduced pressure which is often the cause of irregular tooth wear and headaches.

If you’re looking for bite correction treatment in Saskatoon, give us a call to book an appointment! We’ll be happy to discuss the available options with you - (306) 374-7272

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