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Mouth and Sports Guards

Protect your teeth from damage and teeth grinding with mouth guard or sports guards from Wildwood Dental Clinic.

We offer custom-fitted mouth and sports guards that are designed to protect your teeth and mouth from harm during physical trauma to the face or head.

What to expect when you visit our dental office for a mouth/sports guard

When you visit us for your new mouth or sports guard, we will take an impressionof your mouth to determine its unique shape. The impression of your mouth is then sent out to a local dental lab to create your new dental appliance. Available in a variety of fun colours, our sports guards are made from a durable plastic resin material. Once your mouth or sports guard is ready, we will bring you back into the office and fit the device for comfort and function, ensuring that you are able to adequately swallow, breathe and speak with ease.

How long do mouth and sports guards last?

Regularly replacing your mouth or sports guards after prolonged usage is important, especially amongst adolescents whose mouths and teeth are continually developing and growing. It’s recommended to have your mouth or sports guard replaced after every sports season, so don’t hesitate to give us a call for a new fit!

Taking care of your mouth or sports guard

It’s important to care for your new sports guard to increase its longevity - rinse it with cold water after each use, cleaning it with mild soap and a toothbrush. When not in use, store your oral appliance in a perforated container to allow air circulation and to prevent damage. Lastly, avoid subjecting your mouth or sports guard to high temperatures to reduce the risk of distorting its shape.

If you would like to learn more about how you can reduce the risk of tooth or mouth damage during physical activities with a mouth guard or spots guard, contact our dental office in Saskatoon today - (306) 374-7272. We are located on 8th St. E between Preston Ave. and Cumberland Ave.

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