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Diagnostic Imaging/Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays, or radiographs, are a key component in preventive dental care as they provide valuable information about your teeth.

With dental radiographs/diagnostic imaging, our dentists can detect issues that may not be clearly visible during your regular dental exam (e.g. cavities between teeth). With the use of dental X-rays, our dentists can most accurately detect hidden abnormalities early on and present appropriate treatment plans promptly to help prevent serious issues from further developing.

Intraoral vs. extraoral X-rays

Intraoral X-rays are taken inside the mouth and are the most common type of dental X-ray. Because intraoral X-rays provide dentists with immense detail for individual teeth, they are primarily used to detect cavities, inspect developing teeth, and monitor bone health. Extraoral X-rays are taken outside of the mouth and do not provide detail of individual teeth. Although teeth are still visible in extraoral X-rays, they are primarily used to inspect areas of the mouth pertaining to the jaw and surrounding structures such as impacted teeth, jaw growth and development, and other bones in the face such as temporomandibular joints (TMJ).

What are dental X-rays primarily used for?

  • Detecting cavities
  • Inspecting tooth roots
  • Monitoring tooth and bone health
  • Determining if periodontal disease is present
  • Checking on the status of developing teeth

How often should I get a dental X-ray?

Dental X-rays will be individualized for each patient’s oral health needs. New patients may be recommended X-rays in order to determine the current status of his or her teeth. Although, if the patient has had an X-ray done recently, the dentist may have it postponed to a later date. Children may need X-rays more often than adults because their teeth and jaws are still in development and are more susceptible to tooth decay.

If you’re interested in learning more about digital dental X-rays, or would like to include diagnostic imaging as part of your next dental exam, give us a call - (306) 374-7272.

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