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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Is it time to have your wisdom teeth extracted? Many teens and adults will need to do so in their lifetime.

Wisdom teeth are your third molars, a set of teeth at the very back of your mouth that usually come in at about the ages of 17 to 25. Wisdom teeth can grow in differently for everyone and sometimes they don’t come in at all. However, if your wisdom teeth do come in, there is sometimes not enough space in the mouth to house them without causing other issues. In some cases, wisdom teeth can become impacted, meaning they don’t fully erupt due to blockage and become trapped under your jawbone and gums. Sometimes only part of the wisdom tooth manages to erupt. This can cause flaps of skin to form around the teeth, which prove to be difficult to keep clean leading to tooth decay, infection, and other serious oral health related issues caused from bacteria getting trapped under the gums.

Why remove wisdom teeth now?

Some individuals experience no pain at all from their wisdom teeth, however, this doesn’t mean there isn’t the potential for problems to develop later. For teenagers and young adults in their 20’s, it’s important to check in with the state of your wisdom teeth with regular X-rays at your dentist. If removed earlier in life, there are less complications and faster healing times.

Sedation options

If you’re feeling uneasy about undergoing wisdom tooth extraction, we recommend that patients consider the sedation options available at our dental clinic. Sedation dentistry is available for patients seeking anxiety relief for some dental procedures. At Wildwood Dental Clinic in Saskatoon, both nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral sedative medications are available for patients who are interested in sedation. After our dentist reviews your medical history, we’ll recommend an option of sedation dentistry that best suits you and your needs.

For any questions regarding wisdom tooth extraction or sedation dentistry in Saskatoon, give us a call to schedule an appointment – we’ll be happy to help! (306) 374-7272.

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