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Dental Care for Children

At Wildwood Dental Clinic in Saskatoon, we provide dental care for children of all ages. Children are some of our favourite patients!

While our team is prepared to repair damaged teeth and tooth decay, we believe that teaching good oral habits at an early age is key to long term healthy smiles. Children’s teeth are more prone to cavities due to thinner enamel and larger pits and valleys in back teeth than adults. Taking preventive measures before serious oral health issues arise allows children the best chance for healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime of smiles.

Dental care for children in Saskatoon - routine exams and cleanings

Baby teeth are important and serve many purposes – they assist in the development of proper chewing function, normal speech patterns, and they “hold space” for permanent teeth that will come in later. To preserve baby teeth and setup good hygiene habits at a young age, it’s recommended to bring your kids in for regular cleanings and examinations within 6 months of the eruption of the first tooth.

At their first visit to the dentist, our professional and friendly staff will gently clean their teeth of plaque, food and debris. We will educate your family on healthy oral hygiene habits and demonstrate how to properly brush and floss the teeth using a handheld mirror and soft bristled toothbrush. The dentist will examine your child’s mouth for any irregularities and monitor their oral health development over the years into adulthood - we’re a family dental office, after all!

Diagnostic imaging/dental X-Rays

To best understand the state of your child’s mouth and take a peak in between the teeth, digital X-rays are sometimes necessary. We firmly believe that your child’s safety is of the upmost importance. Therefore, we use digital X-rays that use less radiation than film.

Fluoride treatment

Children’s teeth have thinner enamel than adult teeth, thus they are more vulnerable to acid attacks from bacteria leading to decay. Fluoride treatment at Wildwood Dental Clinic is a helpful preventative care treatment for kids, re-mineralizing the outer layer of enamel and strengthening your child’s teeth.

Dental sealants

Due to the deeper grooves and crevices in children’s back teeth, they are more susceptible to debris getting caught in between leading to decay. We recommend dental sealants for our young dental patients, which are easily applied to your children’s back teeth, sealing bacteria out and protecting the tooth from decay.

As experts in dentistry for children in Saskatoon, we can’t wait to meet your family! Give us a call to schedule a dental appointment for your kids, today! (306) 374-7272.

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